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Extremely professional and very comfortable
Very professional, knowledgeable, Christian based, but tells it like it is, willing to go the extra mile. I would recommend Jim for any counseling services.  Definitely the place to go!  As it is, divorce is a terrible thing for anyone to have to go through, and I needed someone who was going to help me deal with my emotions and the facts of reality in a compassionate way.  Jim provided me these in a professional and understanding way and helped me to grow from this experience moving forward.  My understanding of communication and interpersonal experience has grown due to his teaching.  – E.B.


Pivotal in the reconciliation of our marriage
Jim Fry was pivotal in the process of the reconciliation of our marriage. We found him to be Godly, patient, wise, and a great listener. The prayer, tools, and advice, as well as printed material and suggested reading given to us during our sessions with him continue to bless and encourage us to this day.  He is truly anointed and blessed.  In Christ – Mr. and Mrs. M.D.


Very professional, compassionate,and sincere
Jim helped me through a tough time in my life.  He was very encouraging and always gave powerful wisdom.  I was able to learn more effective ways to communicate with people which has helped me with all my relationships – friends, family and business.  – J.H.


Excellent Counseling Sessions
James Fry counsels from years of professional experience with a passion for people stepping out and choosing abundant life.  James counseled us as a couple with the sensitivity and guidance of the Holy Spirit.… James gave us practical communication tools based on biblical scripture and foundations. Ultimately, it was our decision as a couple and as individuals to put into practice the truth and tools we received.  James held us accountable to be responsible for our choices, actions to one another, and to our LORD.  Thank you, James, for your faith and encouragement.  We are a different couple than we were a year ago thanks to our passion to love God and follow His good plans for us as a couple and family!  Thanks to your counsel which we believe was a gift of God at the perfect season in our lives!         – M.K.


Helpful, prudent advice
At the right moment, God placed Jim Fry into my life.  Several years ago, my wife and I were experiencing a very difficult time in our marriage.  We were on the brink of divorce but decided to try marriage counseling as a last ditch effort.  From our initial meeting, Jim’s thoughtful and caring biblical approach helped both my wife and me work through our emotional issues.  Jim’s perspective provided calming insight into the dynamics of our relationship and what it could be.  Among other things, we learned how to communicate in an assertive manner and better resolve our conflict.  Although the healing process was difficult and took some time, with the assistance of God and Jim, my wife and I are still married today - more happily than ever.  Thank you for an amazing journey of recovery.  – L.B.


Prompt appointments, relaxing atmosphere, scripture based advice
I have been in a deep despair with marriage, family, and work.  Jim Fry is always able to find a place for me in his busy schedule to hear my dilemma and suggest very biblical advice with prayers before and after our session.  I believe only God can change the heart, and I have complete confidence in Mr. Fry to lead me in the right direction.  I have given his number to my friends that need to sort through things in their lives.  Thanks to Jim, I have hope that I can walk with my head up and know I will get past issues with a positive attitude.  – S.L.


A true professional
James Fry is one of the most positive persons in the business.  He truly made me feel at ease during the whole process.  I never doubted for a moment that he was giving me his total attention.  He provided me with excellent feedback.  I now consider him my personal therapist and would gladly refer him to anyone that desires a true professional at work.  – C.O.


I am blessed to know Mr. Fry.
I am so lucky to have found Mr. Fry in the most difficult time of my life.  He was my sounding board and consistently provided me with unbiased, candid feedback.  Exercises and recommended reading materials are some of the tools used in his practice.  Although I’m a work in progress, Mr. Fry has taught me how to shift my thoughts to a positive mindset and cope with life’s setbacks, big and small.  He is devoted to his beliefs, sincere in his words and passionate about his gift.  – C.Y.


We are very pleased with Jim's counseling.  He's not only a man of God with a wealth of wisdom, but he also provided training and "tools" to improve our marriage relationship.  We've been to other Counselors, but none have even taught (literally) how to overcome certain issues.  Others just listen, nod, and pray for you.  Jim will listen, point out the areas that need attention, teach you how to fix them, and coach you through.  Money well spent!!!  Thank you so much, Jim!  God bless you!  – R.A.


He tells you like it is with compassion and humor!
I was really thankful to find James during a time in my life when I REALLY needed guidance.  He helped me so much.  It is nice to know he is always there when you need him!  How impressed was I when he called just to check on how I was doing after a few months of not seeing him!  His concern for his clients goes above and beyond.  I loved that no matter what you talk to him about he can pull up a verse from the Bible to give you extra strength.  I still have post-it notes with his words of wisdom hanging all around my house!  All I can say is, “Thank you, James, for your help!”  – P.S


Therapist James Fry
In worldly therapy, therapists give a diagnosis, a formal excuse to justify why you behave the way you do.  Christian therapy with Mr. Fry provides you with the tools to change rather than turning to medicine or overanalyzing and giving you a quick answer to "what’s wrong with you."  I can attest to the fact that as I begin to put the strategies I've learned from therapy into effect, I see change in my life.  – C.I.


Professionalism like no other.
Jim Fry offers the type of no-nonsense counseling that everyone should experience.  His approach is a great combination of highly spiritual guidance coupled with practical, real time application.  He didn't tell me what I wanted to hear, he told me what I NEEDED to hear.  I am glad he was so highly recommended to me in a very difficult time in my marriage.  I can honestly say he was a huge influence in saving my marriage.  I strongly recommend Jim if you are looking for more than just a counseling session.  His approach through scripture was new to me, and it was the right one.  Thank you Jim!  – J.A.


Highly Recommend
I cannot say enough about the tools that were given to us!!  We still use them today after it has been several years since our time together.  He creates a safe environment for you, encourages you to be a better you, and never once will make you feel inadequate in anything.  Closing every session with prayer was amazing, also.  I have and will continue to recommend him to everyone.  – M.S.


Great service and very professional
Mr. Fry is very professional.  He has a very good ability to see past the problems at hand to achieve solutions.  I not only trust him with myself, but my family as well.  I am thankful for all of the help he has given us.  – C.C.

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